Sluban™ M38-B0787 EarthTruck brick set

Sluban™ M38-B0787 EarthTruck brick set


⭐Age: 6+
⭐Include: 826 pieces
⭐SKU:BRC-Sluban M38-B0787
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✅Sluban M38-B0787 EarthTruck

✅In the science fiction film “The Wandering Earth,” which is based on a novella by Liu Cixin, there are various vehicles depicted as humanity struggles to save Earth from destruction. Among them are the van vehicle and the EarthTruck.


Product Name: EarthTruck

Category: Movie

This Kit Contains: Sluban M38-B0787

826 pcs Good Quality Bricks

Manual Instructions

📌Nature of the protagonist

Introducing our proud collection named “EarthTruck” you should not miss.

In the movie, the van vehicle is a versatile transport used by characters to navigate through the chaotic and dangerous world as Earth faces imminent destruction. It appears to be a modified and ruggedized version of a typical van, possibly equipped with off-road capabilities and survival features. The van serves as a means of transportation for characters as they embark on their journey to save humanity. The EarthTruck, as depicted in “The Wandering Earth,” is a massive and heavily armored vehicle designed for hauling resources and materials in the harsh conditions of the wandering Earth. It is depicted as a colossal truck with multiple wheels and a formidable appearance, capable of traversing rugged terrain and harsh environments. The EarthTruck plays a crucial role in the transportation of resources needed for the survival of humanity as they embark on their journey across the frozen wastelands of the planet.


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