SEMBO™ 705109 Bulldozer brick set

SEMBO™ 705109 Bulldozer brick set


⭐Age: 6+
⭐Include: 418 pieces
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✅SEMBO 705109 Bulldozer

✅A bulldozer is a powerful, heavy-duty construction machine primarily used for earthmoving, grading, and clearing tasks on construction sites, mines, quarries, and road construction projects. It is characterized by a large metal blade at the front and tracks or tires for movement.


Product Name: Bulldozer

Category: Technic

This Kit Contains: SEMBO 705109

418 pcs Good Quality Bricks

Manual Instructions

📌Nature of the protagonist

Introducing our proud collection named “Bulldozer” you should not miss.

The most prominent feature of a bulldozer is its large blade mounted on the front. The blade can be angled and raised or lowered hydraulically to push or move various materials such as soil, sand, rocks, and debris. It can also be used for leveling or grading terrain. Bulldozers typically have either tracks or tires for movement, depending on the terrain and the specific requirements of the job. Tracks provide better traction and weight distribution, making them suitable for rough or muddy terrain, while tires are more maneuverable and suitable for smoother surfaces.


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