MOC Factory™ 89330 Garten of Banban Hijacked Evil Banban brick set

MOC Factory™ 89330 Garten of Banban Hijacked Evil Banban brick set


⭐Age: 6+
⭐Include: 204 pieces
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✅ MOC-89330 Garten of Banban Hijacked Evil Banban

✅Banban is a tall, red humanoid figure, with two party hats sitting on his jellybean-shaped head, only consisting of two wide-open eyes and a toothless mouth with a long tongue inside.


Product Name: Garten of Banban Hijacked Evil Banban

Category: Game

This Kit Contains: C9595Y04

204 pcs Good Quality Bricks

Size: 9.8 x 9.3 x 26.8 cm

Weight: 0.12 kg

PDF Instructions

📌Nature of the protagonist

Introducing our proud collection named “Garten of Banban Hijacked Evil Banban” you should not miss.

Banban was one of the living mascots created by Uthman Adam to make the children learn better. He was the sixth case and was more intelligent and one of the few that can speak. He was shown to be friendly and considered himself human despite his creators being disturbed by it. Sometime later Banban and his gang manages to entertain children and educate them. However, during Bring a Friend Day, the mascots went completely feral, except for Banban, who seemingly tried to protect the children from Stinger Flynn. In Garten of Banban II, Some case reports shows that Banban himself doesn’t recognize himself as non-human and is very intelligent. At some point, when Uthman attempted to confront him, the former attacked and had to be restrained, and was hostile to anyone that’s near. However, he is only docile to one of the staff, that being Weverly Mason. In Garten of Banban III, it is shown that Banban has a murderous side to him in which the staff attempted to avoid. They hear him talking to himself and huddling in an empty room, although they can only make out him saying some of the staff member’s names, and mentioning someone’s pancreas.


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