MOC Factory™ 89315 Doors Monsters brick set

MOC Factory™ 89315 Doors Monsters brick set


⭐Age: 6+
⭐Include: 302 pieces
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✅ MOC-89315 Doors Monsters
✅If you’re looking for a scary game to get you hyped for Halloween, you may not expect to find one in Roblox — but Doors has been captivating players this season, scaring many as they try to escape the game’s various monsters. In Doors, players can play in a group of four and attempt to navigate their way through a series of rooms. The goal is to clear 100 rooms without dying to any of the monsters, called Entities.

Product Name: Doors Monsters
Category: Creator 
This Kit Contains: F-C9447
302 pcs Good Quality Bricks 
Manual Instructions 
📌Nature of the protagonist 
Introducing our proud collection named “Doors Monsters” you should not miss. 
Figure is one of the Entities players are guaranteed to run into. It spawns specifically in rooms 50 and 100. While Figure is blind, it will follow any sound the player makes, meaning you’ll want to crouch when walking around it and keep a decent distance to avoid being detected. You’ll know that Seek is about to spawn if the previous few rooms have had eyes on the walls, causing lights to flicker. Seek will only spawn in the long hallway lined with windows. You’ll have to run away from Seek’s clutches, ducking under fallen furniture, and avoiding the arms in your way until you make it to the end of the hall. If Seek manages to grab you, you will die instantly. Only found in dark rooms, instead of avoiding Screech, players will want to find this Entity as soon as they hear its whispered “Psst.” There is no way to avoid the jump scare from Screech, but if you manage to find it before it finds you, you’ll walk away without taking any damage.


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